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7 Effective Uses of Pharma Social Networking


Facebook, Twitter and more have led us to social media mayhem! Pharma companies are no exception, with many companies having a web presence through social media. Great pharmaceutical centers use social media platforms to release press updates, offer exclusive deals and keep connected with their clientele. Pharmaceutical social media is on the rise, and we have outlined seven ways in which pharma companies use social media most effectively to build their businesses. They are as follows:  

  1. Pharmaceutical companies add social bookmark links to their most important webpages to increase the rate of sharing. With a single describe the imageembedded line of script, hundreds of viewers can express their “like” or “comments” on content regarding new drugs and news about the direction of the pharma company. For instance on one major pharma company's website found you can find Recommend this page buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Email and more.
  2. Pharmaceutical companies build blogs and teach people about common pharmaceutical practices and uses. By having a reliable foundation of content, pharmaceutical companies do a huge favor for the inquisitive public. When people identify a further need for a pharmaceutical company’s services after their search, the pharmaceutical company then sees the fruits of its labor regarding informational blogs and posts. See how this works at this pharma company blog.
  3. For every video project purchased and recorded for pharmaceutical companies, webmasters of these drug giants should ensure that there’s an embeddable web version of the video for improved sharing across sites. What’s better than having one video up on YouTube? Having that video being linked on blogs across the country so every time the video is played remotely, an expanding audience hears the pharmaceutical company’s mission.
  4. Pharma companies are extremely good at tagging and using other metadata to enhance the public’s ability to find the information they provide. Simply titling a video and creating a brief description isn’t enough – tagging your content makes it more relevant for anyone searching for tag-related content.
  5. By regularly Tweeting out updates, pharma jokes, questions for clientele and more, pharma companies reveal their underlying personalities. A quick look at how this is being done on Twitter shows how career openings can be blasted to several thousand people every day via Twitter!
  6. Pharmaceutical companies establish platforms that communities flock to – groups for charitable races, large sponsored events and more are made possible through organization via social media. Check out how pharma companies are increasing support to some of their favorite charities (note the "share this" button!) in this article.
  7. Pharmaceutical companies assist other companies in starting up within social networks which strengthens their business ties within the social media site. By developing web-based B2B connections, drug manufacturers can strengthen bonds with packaging companies, shipping companies and other complimentary industries with which they do business.

Technology progressively gets better facilitating communication between organizations and individuals. Public opinion is highly coveted and with social media we no longer need to rely on polsters to get this information. Because of this the internet has assisted in directing pharma companies' research, development and marketing efforts.

Can you name an eighth effective way of pharma social networking that we may have left out?


Another tool is Pinterest ...where pharmaceutical companies can share the images of their new products, case studies, CSR activities, end consumer behaviour, leadership model...etc
Posted @ Saturday, April 20, 2013 9:58 AM by lamiaa farrag
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