Modernizing the Functional Service Provider (FSP) Relationship: Innovations to bring value beyond “Global and Scalable”


Abstract: The Global Clinical Research Organization (CRO) market is expected to grow to $71.7 billion in 2024. Within that growth, Functional Service Provider (FSP) relationships are expected to grow at a CAGR of 5%-6%. Sponsor organizations turn to the FSP model as an outsourcing strategy for multiple reasons. Efficiency, consistency, scalability, global reach, and cost reduction generally top that list. CROs, in turn, have evolved their culture, resourcing, and infrastructure to best suit FSP relationships

Given the increasing reliance on global support models, virtual work teams, and the complexity and increasing amounts of data and advancements in technology – sponsor organizations need more from their FSP partners.   The best-fit partners bring the functional line expertise plus an innovation mindset and tangible methods to identify, and where requested, help organizations to transform their way of operating.

Attendees will learn:

  • How FSP partners can go beyond “Global and Scalable”
  • How to bridge time zones and distance without compromising performance
  • How to create and maintain a culture of alignment with customer goals, standards, and results
  • Innovative methods for leading the charge to bring innovation and efficiencies
  • Sample innovations that have transformed FSP partnership operating models

This webinar is intended for small to mid-size organizations – those utilizing the FSP model today and those considering implementing FSP relationships in the future.


Donnelle LaDouceur, Director, Functional Service Solutions

Jim Balcom, Director, Innovation and Automation

Diederik Van Niekerk, Senior Manager, South Africa Operations

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